Mental illness is stress or depression-induced acute condition that converts a previously functional individual into someone who fails to carry out simple day-to-day tasks. If a condition is strong and severe enough to interfere with an individual’s functioning, it needs to be talked about. Hiding your stress and anxiety because you are afraid people will judge you for it will only further aggravate the situation.


Society Initiates Mental Illness

The moment a person says they are not feeling well and have no concrete reason to back up their claim with, all hell breaks loose. You are asked questions like “what is wrong with you?” and “why are you so negative?” In a matter of a few seconds, you are labeled an attention seeker. This is exactly the kind of behavior that makes people suffer from a mental breakdown retreat inside their own heads where things only get worse.


Seeking Help

Seeking help for your condition becomes harder if you are uncomfortable with being open about it. It is only when you treat your nervous breakdown as a illness that you will seek professional help as well as the support of your family and friends. Therefore, you need to stop being ashamed about it and go to a doctor.


Opening Up


The worst consequences of mental illness are it might isolate the person mentally from society. Even living within your closest circle, you will not discuss your personal problems or personal issues. This is because you are blaming yourself for your problems. So, you need to open up about your thoughts. Whether you are discussing it with your doctor or even a stranger, you need to stop blaming yourself. You might figure out that your problems are not always because of you. This will help you open up, which will further lead to the healing procedure. 



More often than not, mental breakdowns are just your brain’s way of telling you that it needs relaxation. Sometimes all you want is to get in harmony with yourself and meditation is a great way to do it. Use nature to soothe your senses and let the peace engulf you.


Consult a Professional

Every human is unique and what works for one might not be a cure for another. In the case of mental disease, it is always advisable to find a professional psychologist. They would help you find your cure. However, whatever you do just don’t silence your voice that is screaming for help. Stop being ashamed of mental illnesses and start talking about them.