Everyone dreams of having the greatest summer body or just strive to develop the right amount of body toning; whether flexibility or getting leaned out. The key rule is always eating a clean and balanced diet and getting in the right amount of exercise, even if it’s in small amounts. Though 60% of attaining the perfect body depends on your diet, it is necessary to fit in not just any workout plan but the RIGHT workout regime suitable for your lifestyle and body. 


According to, Department of Health Science, body weight training is said to be the most suitable. Body weight exercises are not only affective but also save you from putting a huge dent into your wallet. Body weight strength training is working out each muscle group, by solely using your body weight. No lifting of heavy weights required, no spending excessive amounts of money on the best gym is town with the best trainers and equipment and no stress or worrying about making time for the gym if you have a busy schedule during the week as you can do your body weight exercises during any time of the day, at home or during leisure hours and it only takes up a maximum of one hour to complete your workout.

Its benefits include pushing your mind and body to rely on itself, creating habit anywhere and anytime, stabilizes your body balance, tones your muscles and creates flexibility. There are so many various kinds of body weight exercises, the most popular ones being lunges, pushups, squats and jumping jacks. There is also a newer routine called zumba; which incorporates these in a fun form of dancing and can also be called aerobics. This form of body weight exercise really gets your body, mind and heart going.

Body weight exercises are far more different from body-weight in terms of building muscle. It always depends on the number of repetitions each set of exercise asks, for instance in body weight exercising, say you do 3 sets of pushups and each has 15 reps; this will cause you to gain at least 10-20% muscle and toning within 2 months if you keep at it. Comparatively, weight training builds muscle mass much faster but is mostly used for intense workouts.


It is very convenient to do super easy body weight exercises where ever you may be. If you’re a workaholic and sit at the desk all day, you can perform simple arm and shoulder rotations followed by light stretching. There are so many modifications for each workout which is suitable for every situation. No-one is asking you to drop to the floor and start doing full form push-ups. You can try out the modified version for beginners and busy office workers. One of the exercises include; simply standing facing a wall with both your arms stretched out, and pushing yourself back and forth; this is called the modified wall-pushup. Just remember, exercises are and can be performed at any time and at any place without the need for heavy machinery and expensive gyms. All you need is patience, a clear mind, a balanced diet and don’t forget to rest at least a day or two in the week. Working out at least 4-5 days a week is plenty!