Knowing when and how to breathe will make your workouts more effective!

People exercise to gain muscle, lose weight, increase their stamina, feel more energetic and generally stay healthy. It is a common belief that once you start exercising regularly, your routine becomes easier as days go by. However, if instead of feeling more energetic after your workout, you are exhausted, then you are doing something wrong.


That something is breathing!


Like all things in life, the simplest and smallest of things make the biggest of differences. We don’t give a second thought to breathing, because it’s just something that we do. The trouble is that most of us simply aren’t doing it right! Just like eating more isn’t always healthy, breathing in more air isn’t always the best thing for your body when you’re working out.


It is a little hard to wrap your mind around the idea that too much oxygen while exercising isn’t good for you because science has us believing that muscles crave more oxygen when they’re being exerted. And that is true, but only partially. Here is the science behind regulated breathing while exercising.


Normal breathing helps maintain an optimal level of Carbon Dioxide in your blood. What we don’t realize is that over-breathing can constrict and suppress airways and blood vessels, resulting in very little oxygenated blood reaching the muscle tissue.


That’s why, if you aren’t breathing right, your performance will be impaired, rendering your workout almost useless. You will lose quite a bit of your stamina as your body produces more lactic acid, leading to fatigue and breathlessness. Not breathing right while working out may also result in longer injury recovery times, performance anxiety and even demotivation as you may not see or feel the expected results of your hard work.


Breathing Right – Here’s How You Begin!

Learning to breathe right, not only benefits you physically but also mentally. The term ‘just breathe’ is heard often, a little too often, and is now taken for granted. However, when done right, how a person breathes can reduce stress, regulate a person’s blood pressure, and prevent or even stop panic attacks. Breathing right is as essential for a healthier lifestyle.

There are so many breathing techniques for different reasons and situations. Here are a few simple breathing techniques to help make your workouts more productive:


  • Begin slow, always, get into a rhythm before getting into the strenuous part of your routine.
  • Do not breathe from your mouth! Breathe through your nose always (or as much as possible), this will maximize oxygenated blood flow to your muscles.
  • Let loose, and breathe deep from your diaphragm, instead of just your chest.
  • Maintain (short) intervals in your workout, instead of nonstop exertion, like jogging (even if your jogging a kilometeqqwr, break it up into four quarters).
  • After your workout, don’t just sit down, maintain a slow rhythm of nasal breathing. This will regulate your pulse, and pump your muscles full of oxygen and prevent cramping.


Start implementing these simple breathing techniques into your workouts, and even though initially, it may seem harder to do, because your body isn’t used to it. However after a few sessions, you will start to feel a remarkable difference and will see results faster, feel more energy, and eventually instead of dragging yourself to the gym, you’ll find that your workout session is the best part of your day!