Trying to eat healthily is a task on its own but trying to get your entire family to adopt a healthy lifestyle is a much greater challenge; however, there are many tips and tricks that will help you convince them that living and eating healthy is beneficial and not that bad. Eating together as a family is beneficial and stress releasing on its own, as it may be the only time in your busy schedule that the family comes together for a meal.


Some tips that will help you

Getting your children into the habit of eating all types of fruits and vegetables from a young age.

Getting your kids to eat healthily and develop a taste for all kinds of food from a young age is the best and easiest way to live a healthy life as a family. You will not have much convincing to do when they get older and come under the influence that certain vegetables don’t appeal to their taste buds or taste bad (broccoli for instance)


Get your family into the habit of eating salads 

I know a salad doesn’t sound like the most satisfying meal or as a whole meal on its own but adding it as a side dish or starter in their meals on alternating days will get them into the habit of eating healthy. Make your salads interesting by adding a salad dressing, such as herb-infused olive oil or low in fat salad dressings. Presentation is key to convincing people to eat their greens.  



  • Never skip meals (especially breakfast)


The most important tip to remember and remind your family about is to never skip a meal and to have all their meals on time. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, make sure they eat a wholesome breakfast as it is the first meal of the day and the key to your metabolism. 



  • Fruits are important. 


Fruits are as important as vegetables and are packed with vitamins. Make it a habit for your family to eat at least one fruit a day. To make it more interesting, prepare a fruit salad with a various mix of fruits and serve it to them in a bowl, as dessert. 

Tip: Biting directly into a whole fruit like apples, plums, peaches, apricots excreta help to have a stronger jaw and stronger teeth.



  • Experimenting and trying different cuisines and dishes to make it interesting


When children hear the words “healthy eating” the first thing that comes to their minds is greens (green beans, lettuce and broccoli excreta) however make the food interesting and creative

  • Instead of French fries try making some mashed potato or baked potato jackets
  • Instead of buying readymade frozen goodies with preservatives or ordering fatty food from fast-food joints; pre make them at home and frees them so they can be ready to fry. (Much healthier and cost-effective)
  • Did you know that Chinese and Thai food has less fat, is rich in vitamins and packed with natural flavors and nutritious value? Try making some homemade Chinese and Thai food (take recipes and tips from cookbooks or YouTube videos)



  • Staying hydrated


As we know, the average daily intake of water is 8 glasses (240-250ml). Making sure that your family makes it an obligation and priority to hydrate themselves after 1 ½ hour is key to never facing dehydration no matter the weather.  



  • Make a timetable for meals in advance 


Creating a timetable or schedule makes it interesting and keeps the whole family looking forward to their meals throughout the week.


  • Allow them to give in their own ideas or thoughts on what they may want to eat.
  • Make it a fun activity by letting them pool in their help in preparing the meals over the weekends.



  • Protein   


The human body needs proteins to grow and repair. Protein also helps produce enzymes and hormones as well as other chemicals that are essential for multiple functions in your body. Almost most of your hair and nails are made up of protein.

Eggs, milk, almonds, and wheat are few important proteins that can be served as breakfast with berries and other fruits. Chicken and meat are rich in protein and play an important role in one’s diet. Making it into a steak with some mushroom sauce keeps the family craving for more. Add fish and other kinds of seafood in their diet as they are high in protein and relatively low in fat.