When it comes to utilizing your full potential in any task, a good night’s sleep can work wonders. It helps you with problem-solving allowing you to make smarter decisions and offer better productivity.  Insufficient sleep is directly correlated with inefficient work performance.


Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can mess up with your prefrontal cortex, the part that is responsible for performing problem-solving functions, cognitive functioning is sure, to decline. In fact, it is equivalent of coming drunk to work.


Here we will discuss a few bad habits may be sabotaging your sleep.


1.      Not Working out

Stop being lazy and take some time out for a workout on a daily basis. A morning and afternoon workout routine can almost magically help you sleep. According to some studies, it actually adds 45 minutes to your sleep and this is the quantity we are talking about. Just work out for a week and you can experience yourself how the quality of your sleep improves as well.haaa


2.      Not Relaxing Before Going To Bed

The biggest complaint bad sleepers make is that they could not quieten their brains down during the night. This is because they are still thinking about their stress from work or any other thing that might be bothering them. One great way to treat that problem is to opt for a mind dump before you go to bed. You can write down what is bothering you and you will find it easy to sleep.


3.      Scrolling Down On Apps

LED screens of various gadgets including your cellphone emit blue light. It stops the production of melatonin in your skin that makes it hard for you sleep. Thus, it is ideal to switch off the devices before sleeping and avoid checking them in bed.


4.      Using Your Bed As Your Work Station

This is another bad habit as it gives the brain the wrong signals. It takes your bed to be a place work and not sleep. Therefore, the brain cells stay awake, making it harder for you to get a nice shut-eye.


5.      Late Night Meals


Every time you eat a meal, it start up your digestive system. Trying to grab satisfactory hours of sleep right after a heavy meal is almost next to impossible. For a sound sleep, you need to rest your digestive system; on the contrary, the digestive tract is with meal is busy working and it will interfere with your sleeping. Therefore, you need to eat at least an hour or two before going to bed. This will keep the unwanted acid reflux at bay.


6.      Reading/ Watching Thrillers

Reading is mostly recommended before sleeping hours and is supposed to relax your brain. However, it depends a lot on what you are reading. A thrilling read is not likely to let you sleep easily even if you gather the will to put it down. Similarly watching an action right before going to bed might not be a great idea either.


7.      Drinking Coffee Late In The Evening

With the ever-increasing burden of work, it is only understandable to have a need for a cup of coffee or tea. However, while they might refresh you for the moment, the drinks will ultimately make you more tired. This is because of a long time it takes for their effects to wear off. This only delays your sleeping hours.


8.      Sleeping Late Hours On Weekends

This is the worst thing you can do for your sleeping patterns. It disrupts your routine giving you Monday blues! Moreover, this practice messes up with your sleep in the long run too.