Most people mistaken and confuse stress with depression, assuming they are the same thing; however stress is a common strain, pressure or urge felt in every individuals life at different points, as it is the reaction of your brain and body in the form of physical and mental energy towards a change in your usual routine or pattern in life. Stress can be both positive as well as negative; it all depends on how you adjust to the change or event that occurs. 


Positive stress (eustress)

Positive stress is the result of a positive change or upcoming event in your life, such as a wedding, a new job, planning a vacation, having a baby excreta. In other words, anything that has a positive outcome or result that brings you happiness, success or joy, all come under positive stress and is good for you.


Negative Stress (distress)

While positive stress is good for you, negative stress is the complete opposite and may cause extreme results such as mental and emotional breakdowns, physical changes in your body and appearance such as drained eyes, loss or gain of weight and a negative attitude towards other people and things; however it can be controlled. It all depend on how you allow it to affect you. Exam stress, work politics, bills and taxes to pay and financial crisis are all examples of negative stress. 


How to Control your stress levels

Time management

Manage your time by pre-planning your daily activities. Divide your work or tasks in the day with enough time for a break or two, to catch your breath. In this way you will manage to complete all the work assigned to you and allowing your mind to rest and recover from time to time so you do not face migraines or any other nauseating feeling or sickness, as the stress has a huge impact on your physical health. 

Stimulants of stress

Stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and nicotine are stress stimulants and we may think they reduce stress to a certain level but it only makes it worse.  So the best is to avoid or reduce your intake of these stimulants. A frequent intake or too much-refined sugar in foods and snacks may cause energy crashes that leave you feeling tired and irritable.


Talk to someone or keep a diary

The best way to get rid of stress or something on your mind that is bothering you or causing you to have a negative reaction is by talking to someone about your situation. Usually talking to a loved one or a close friend who is a good listener and understands different situations helps you release and overcome the level of stress you are under. If you are in a situation, where you may not have anyone you can trust with your thoughts and feelings that the stress is causing you; write it down, maintain a stress diary, or simply add it to the notes in your cellphone. 


Get enough sleep or rest 

Sleep is essential no matter what. The lack of sleep will cause stress levels to rise, putting you under serious pressure and not allowing you to function effectively under the stress. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep so you are fresh and active and in full mode to start the day ahead and overcome the stress ahead. Remember you need sleep to function.

Join a gym or do some kind of physical exercise 

Joining the gym or taking part is a physical activity or simply going for a jog or run will take our mind off your worries and things that are stressing you out. Exerting physical energy keeps your mind active and busy and reduces overthinking, stress and depression.


Learn to say no 

Some of us have a habit of taking all the load and saying yes to doing certain things we are not obligated to do because we do not want to sound rude so we say yes and commit to doing a task that is not ours. Learning to say no or refusing politely is something we have to do. Taking this responsibility and burden causes stress levels to rise intensively.  


Taking control

Sometime we may see a task as difficult because it may seem intense on the surface but when we start to work it out and break things down step-by-step we realize how simple it really was. So learning to analyze if the task is really worth stressing over is something we can control.