How many times have we come across a situation in which we want to start eating healthy but mistake it for a diet or we are put off by the food because it is bland and tasteless and how many time do we mistake eating healthy with cutting off certain meals and foods in our diet. The word diet means to restrict yourself from eating larger portions of food; however eating healthy means, trying to eat the things that are good for your body and health.  


Here are a few tips on eating healthy 

Never skip a meal

Skipping your meals is the worst thing you could possibly do while trying to maintain a diet and consider skipping breakfast a cardinal sin in the history of eating healthy or any diets. When you skip your meals remember that you are not losing any weight and instead of gaining the weight, as it causes your metabolism to slow down, in turn, slowing down the burning of fats and other unwanted chemicals in your body.

A few tips while trying to eat healthily

  • Prepare your own meals; this will cause you to feel less hungry. 
  • Instead of eating fried food from restaurants and fast-food outlets, learn a few quick recipes online.
  • Instead of ordering a side of french-fries to eat with your steak or breast fillet, order the baked or mash potato


  • Instead of your regular fried tenders, marinate your chicken in natural herbs and spices and sear it on a griddle or pan fry it with some olive oil
  • When you go out for dinner order soup as a starter. Soup is a meal on its own and it will fill your stomach up and cause you to have a lighter main course.


  • When going out for dinner try and stick to Sandwiches, wraps, and steaks.


    • Instead of fizzy drinks, get a fresh juice, or just a bottle of water (But remember it is always advisable to eat the fruit than to drink its juice as the juice is packed with double the amount of natural sugars and excess of anything is not good for you)


  • If you are looking for a fizzy drink that benefits you or your digestive track, go for ginger ale for digestion 



Snacking healthy at home/ How to make your meals more delicious

Looking for a quick and healthy snack at home?

  • Instead of your regular packaged chips, thinly slice a few potatoes, coat them in some olive oil, paprika powder, oregano, and cayenne pepper and throw them in the oven for some hot, healthy and fresh-baked potato chips.


  • Put whole potatoes in a foil wrap and add olive oil and different herbs for taste.

  • Take few whole bell peppers. Cut off the head of the pepper and scoop out the seeds, you can now stuff the bell pepper with some mozzarella and ricotta, cottage or feta cheese, add some spinach, mushrooms, and herbs and top it off with some cracked pepper and last but not the least put it in the oven to bake and voila!


  • Make your salads more creative. Instead of your regular basic salad try different vegetables like a rocket, iceberg lettuce, purple cabbage, zucchini, snow peas, and broccoli excreta to give your regular salad a crunch. You can even add herbs and olive oil to taste with your regular salt and pepper. 


  • Make a fruit salad every alternate day. Add fruits that a packed with nutritious value.