Hrithik Roshan

Your favorite hero’s hero is Kris Gethin, a qualified Sports Therapist and Professional Natural Bodybuilder. While training under him Roshan confessed to a killer 12-week transformation. This mainly consisted of a lot of cross fit training, and weight training in his workout routine. He only ate a hundred grams of meat a day, and fiber and carbs in the form of Sprouts, Spinach, Broccoli, and a cup of either rice or pasta. Although, later he was allowed some protein into his strict diet, Hrithik still managed to lose 10 kg, in 10 Weeks! Now he is back in killer shape- literally.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay possesses that action-packed and all gangster – look because of the roles he plays in his movies; however if you ever read his story to fame, you will be in for a surprise. Akshay is the complete opposite of what he appears to be on screen and in real life he likes to keep things as natural as possible. Including how he stays in such great shape. He is fond of outdoor activities like Parkour (free-running), functional training and martial arts. According to him, fitness is not about having a bulky body with biceps or abs. It is more important to eat right and exercise regularly.  He follows a strict routine, doesn’t drink or party and suggests that your last meal of the day should be around 6:30-7pm (before sunset) as your body needs at least three to four hours to digest the food before you hit the bed.